AcharaVet – The Origin Story

AcharaVet began with a simple goal – giving the veterinary industry back to veterinarians. After practicing veterinary medicine for 26 years, 20 of which were in his own practice, Dermot Jevens sold his practice and went to work for a corporation where he oversaw a large group of animal hospitals. His experience there brought him to the conclusion that the veterinary industry was on an unsustainable course, with never-ending demands for higher profits and shrinking concerns for the people providing care and the animals receiving care.

On the other side of the country, Stanford Bell was working on a plan to help veterinarians own their own clinics. Stanford and Dermot met and brought their visions together to create a new approach — put the power back in the hands of veterinarians while providing the business and financial support that veterinarians need and deserve. They knew from the outset that to create such a business, they would need investors that were more interested in the vision than in the bottom line. We are proud to say that a majority of AcharaVet is owned by veterinarians – veterinarians that have watched the industry move away from practitioners and into the hands of private equity and venture capital firms that have no experience working in a veterinary practice. Our goal is to return the balance between people, purpose, and profitability and give back to the community that has given so much to us.